How We Started

The beautiful story behind True Monarch.... It All Started With a Butterfly....

The story begins when I was about 4 years old and I brought home a broken Monarch Butterfly... As kids will do, I tried to nurse it back to health as best I could; trying to feed it a mix of sugar and honey water. Within a day or so the little butterfly was not getting better and very worried I asked my Mom if we could take the butterfly to my doctor for help? I remember her smile as she told me that she was sorry and said "Your doctor doesn't see butterflies.."

I then asked what kind of doctor would see a butterfly, and my Mom responded "A veterinarian would be the best doctor for a butterfly.." I looked at my Mom and told her that when I grew up that's what I wanted to be, so I could help sick butterflies...

Life continued, time passed but I could never let go of my passion for veterinary medicine... A little later than normal and with the help of so many wonderful people I was given the honor to pursue this dream. During my time away, with only a couple years to go my Mom started her battle against her illness; and during her brave fight her biggest worry was not for herself but for her family. She was determined that I not come home and disrupt my education; she told me that I "needed to keep my chin-up" and to keep moving forward to complete my degree and my dream... and every time she would tell me the Monarch butterfly story again..

My Mom fought bravely, even when there was no hope left she stayed positive and upbeat for us all and continued to kept telling anyone she met that her "eldest daughter was going to school to become a veterinarian" always including the story of her little girl trying to help a broken Monarch Butterfly. When I finally got to meet my Mom's medical team they had all heard her butterfly story so many times that they knew it and repeated it to me word-for-word. They told me how up-beat, positive and full of smiles my Mom always was; that no matter what she was never in a bad mood or showed any negativity - She thanked them everyday for their help and kindness to her..

Shortly after I completed my education and days after she held my DVM Diploma in her hands... my Mom lost her brave battle with a horrible cancer. For all the kindness and happiness she had given to me I was blessed to be able to be there and see her one last time; to hold her hand and tell her how much I loved her, and got the opportunity to thank her for all she has taught me and for the person she helped me to become..

 My Mom is my light and inspiration; she taught us by example to always there to help anyone, at anytime with a smile and kindness; that these simple things mean more than anything else and even more importantly that every situation, no matter how awful, has some grain of positivity too it and even if you don't know it right away never give up... keep looking for it and always find the positives, no matter how small, in your life...

That all being said; and with so much pride and love Jon and I have named our House Call Veterinary Service in her honor and this is how True Monarch Veterinary House Call Service came to be.

I love you Mom and want to thank you for teaching me to smile, stay happy, stay up-beat and to love every aspect of life... Thank you