Veterinary Services in Northern New Jersey

Our doctors specialize in dogs, cats, pocket pets, and exotic such as reptiles, birds and in some cases even fish. We also enjoy farm calls for small ruminate, chickens, and swine.


  • Wellness Exams  - These are the periodic and healthy pet exams that are usually combined with routine diagnostics and vaccinations.
  • Sick Animal Exams - These are for animals who are feeling under the weather or who have other medical conditions. These exams are usually combined with diagnostics and treatment plans.
  • Exotic Small Mammal Exams - These exams are designed to meet the special care needs of exotic small mammals (ferrets, rabbits, and rodents) and should be scheduled twice annually.
  • Farm Animal Exams
  • Preventive Medicine and Treatment Plans  
  • Core and Recommended Vaccines
  • Microchipping
  • End of Life Services - Saying Goodbye when the time has come and ending unnecessary suffering.

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